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Philipp Cluver - Johann Buno - Herman Mosting

Wolfenbüttel, 1694

An edition of Cluver's Introductio with 43 maps of Africa, America, Asia, World, etc. :
 Introductio in omnem geographiam veterem aeque ac novam olim studio & opera Joh. Bunonis. In multis passim correctior curante J. Reisko. Wolfenbuttel, sumptibus Haeredum Buninianorum Typis Bismarck, Annon MDC XCIV (1694).

Original book:  4to (approx. 21 x 17.5 cm), with illustrated title page, and 43 (42 folding) copperplate printed maps including the world map, maps of the continents (America, Africa, Asia, and Europe), and all regions.  608 pages with dedications, table of contents, and index.

Book #AB-12                

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This is the third set of maps produced in Germany for Philipp Cluver's famous Introductio in Universam Geographicam. This edition, still using the Johann Buno text, was edited by Johann Friedrich Heckel (1640-1697) and contained a different set of maps than Conrad Buno's 1641 Brunswick (Braunschweig) edition, or Johann Buno's 1661 Wolfenbüttel edition.  This edition was published in Wolfenbüttel, or Guelpherbytum as it appears on the title page of the atlas in its Latinized form.

The two men principally involved in the German editions were Conrad Buno (c.1613-1671), and his brother, Johann Buno (1617-1697). Conrad was an engraver and publisher at the court of Wolfenbüttel. Johann was a theologian and pedagogue in Lüneburg.  This map and the 1661 Cluver-Johann Buno maps are close copies of each other. They both are modeled after the 1641 Cluver-Conrad Buno map of Africa. Like the 1661 Cluver-Johann Buno map, this map is larger than the 1641 map and, as a result, has numerous placenames added to it. Much of the nomenclature is decidedly old; for example, Aethiopia Inferiors Pars is placed along the Southern African coast. For the interior, this map follows the 1624 Hondius and the 1617 Blaeu folio maps.  This map is readily distinguished from the 1661 Cluver-Johann Buno map by the inclusion of the imprint for the engraver for this map, 'Herman Mosting Sculp: Lüneburg', at the bottom left of the map. In addition to engraving this map of Africa, Herman Mosting of Lüneburg engraved other maps in the book. The remaining maps in the book were engraved by Martin Hailler whose imprint appears on some of the maps. It appears that with Conrad Buno's death in 1671, new engravers were needed for the new editions of the book. 

The map of Africa and the other maps are approximately 21 x 25.5 cm each.  There are two known editions containing this Philipp Cluver - Johann Buno - Herman Mosting map of Africa. The first was published in 1686 in Wolfenbüttel by the widow of Conrad Buno (Viduae Conradi Bunonis). The second edition was published in 1694 by the Heirs of Conrad Buno (Haeredum Buninianorum), also in Wolfenbüttel. This second edition was edited by Johann Reiske (1641-1701).

Betz, Map #140.  Shirley, Maps of the World, Map #425.  Burden, Maps of America, Map #360.

Fine example.  Folding maps are in fine condition.  Some spotting and fingermarks, slight browning, placnames of some maps with some old underlining.  Bound in contemporary vellum.

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