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Isaac Commelin

Amsterdam(?), 1646

An uncommon, early map of the region around the Cape of Good Hope:   AFRICAE PARS

Original copperplate printed map
Uncolored as issued
135 x 215 mm
Map # AFS-046
$ Sold

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An uncommon, early map of the region around the Cape of Good Hope from Saldanha to just beyond Cape Aughulus.  This map is from Commelin's book of travel to the Dutch East Indies, Begin ende voortgangh van de Vereenighde Neerlandsche Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indisch Compagnie.  This work contains the journals in a condensed form of the fleets under Cornelis Houtman, Van Spilbergen, and others. 

Two decorative cartouches take up much of the map.  Both contain coats of arms and both are surrounded by rococo designs with dedications. There is a compass rose at the bottom center.  Within the sea off of the Cape are numerous sea monsters, two European sailing ships and an African canoe. On land, there are various animals, and Hottentot cattle. Table mountain is called Tafell.  Africans are depicted along with a European holding a lance.

Map Collectors Circle, Volume 61, Page 17, No. 120. 
Mendelssohn. South Africa Bibliography. Vol I, p 373-374.  Not in Norwich.

Very Good Condition.  

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