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Maps of Africa : 1513 to 1640

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Title               Price
# AAF-106

Waldseemüller, Martin 1513

Rare.  The Earliest Acquirable "Modern" Map of Africa north of the Equator:  Tabula Moderna Prime Partis Africae $ Sold
# AF-568

Waldseemüller, Martin 1513

Rare.  The First Printed Map of Africa south of the Equator:  TABVLA MODERNA SECVNDE PORCIONIS APHRICE $ Sold
AAF-345 Sebastian Münster
(1540) 1561
A cornerstone map of Africa:  Munster's map of Africa:   Africa Libya Morland mit allen .... Sold
# AAF-102, 213, 214, 215 Sebastian Münster
(1540) 1542
Complete set of maps of Africa from Munster's 1542 Edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia :    AFRICA TABVLA I,  AFRICA TABVLA II,  TABVLA AFRICAE III, and AFRICAE TABULA IIII $ 1,500
# AAF-185

Giacomo Gastaldi

An early map of 'modern' Africa south of the Equator  Africa Nova Tabula Sold
# AAF-395 Abraham Ortelius
Fine Original Color Example of Ortelius’ classic early image of Africa:  Africae Tabula Nova Edita Antverpiae 1570 $ 2,850
# AF-483 Giovanni Lorenzo D'Anania
(1582) 1598
An Early Map of Africa from D'Anania's L'Universale Fabrica del Mondo..., Venice :  AFRICA
# AF-396 Gerard Mercator II
Fine, Original Color Example based on Mercator’s 1569 World Map:   AFRICA | Ex magna orbis ter- | rec descriptione Gerardi | Mercatoris desumpta, | Studio & industria | G.M. | Iunioris.  [at bottom left corner of the map]:  Cum Priuilegio. $ Sold
# AAF-402 & 405

Jan Huygen van Linschoten


In Very Fine Condition - One of the Most Attractive Set of Maps Available: 
Western side of Africa:    Typus orarum  maritimarum Guinae, Manicongo, & Angolae ultra... .     and

Eastern side of Africa:    Delineatio Orarum maritimarum Terrae vulgo indigitatae Terra do Natal item Sofala Mozambicae & Melindae .... Arnoldus F. a Langren delineavit & sculpsit.

$ 14,000
for the two maps
# AFW-159

Giovanni Antonio Magini

An Early Map of the Continent of Africa:   AFRICA. $ 150
# AAF-353

Johannes Matalius Metellus

The Rare Metellus Map of Africa:  AFRICA.    Sold
# AAF-432

Hernando de Solis

Rare Map from the sole Spanish edition of Botero's Le Relationi Universali :  AFRICA . Sold
# AF-569

Giuseppe Rosaccio

# AAF-436

Levinus Hulsius

The Hulsius Map - Scarcer than the De Bry :  [Map of Africa].
[and on top sheet at the bottom left, and on the bottom sheet at the bottom right]:  Per Leuinum Hulsium A° 1602
AF-508 Jodocus Hondius
(1607) 1609

From a German edition of Hondius' Atlas Minor Gerardi Mercatoris a Hondi... :    AFRICÆ | DESCRIPTIO.

# AF-570

Petrus Bertius – Jodocus Hondius Jr.

# AF-566

Willem Jansz Blaeu
(1617) 1643-50

In Fine, Original Color, the famous Blaeu map of the African Continent with decorative borders :  Africae nova descriptio Auct Guiljelmo Blaeuw. Sold
# AAF-354

Jodocus Hondius Jr.

From the uncommon 1619 edition :  AFRICÆ | nova Tabula. | Auct. Jud: Hondio. $ 3,500

# AAF-407
Jodocus Hondius Jr. - Henricus Hondius
(1619) 1633
Attractive, Original Color example of Hondius' 1619 map of Africa:  AFRICÆ | nova Tabula. | Auct. Hen. Hondio 1631
# AAF-275

Jodocus Hondius Jr. - Johannes Janssonius
1623 (1632)

An Original Color Example of this Scarce carto-figure map in mint condition  :  AFRICÆ | nova Tabula | Auct. Jud. Hondio.   $ 7,500
# AF-523

Petrus Bertius, Paris (1624) 1646

The Rare Bertius Map of Africa  :  Carte de | L’ AFRIQVE | Corrigeé et augmenteé | dessus toutes les aultres | cy deuant faictes L’anneé  |  A° 1646. $ Sold

# AAF-337

John Speed
The First State of Speed's hard to find early English decorative map of Africa:   Africæ deƒcribed, the manners of their Habits, and buildings: newly done into English by I.S. at the charges of G. humble Ano 1626.
$ Sold

# D-2
John Speed
(1626) 1676
Speed's hard to find early English decorative map of Africa:   Africæ deƒcribed, the manners of their Habits, and buildings: newly done into English by I.S. Are to be sold by Tho Baßet in Fleet Street and by Ric:Chiƒwell in St Pauls Churchyard.

# AAF-259

Petrus Bertius – Melchior Tavernier
(1627) 1640

A Beautiful Original Color Example of the Rare Bertius-Tavernier map  :  Carte de | L’ AFRIQVE | Corrigeé, et augmenteé, deßus toutes | les aultres cy deuant faictes par | P. Bertius. Sold
# AF-496

Johannes Janssonius
(1628) c.1714

Extremely Rare Map from Van der Aa's L'Atlas Soulage  :  L'AFRIQUE Sold
# AF-522

Petrus Bertius - Melchior Tavernier (attr.)
(1639) 1661

Uncommon Map attributed to Tavernier  :  Carte. de | L’ AFRIQVE | Corrigeé, et, augmenteé, deßus toutes | les aultres cy deuant faictes par | P.Bertius . | Anno · 1661. Sold


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