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# E-446 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Lombardy (northwest) & Valais: LOMBARDIAE Alpestris pars occidentalis cum VALESIA Per Gerardum Mercatorem.  Fine Condition.  Click Here for a Large Image. Sold
# E-453 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Tuscany:   TVSCIA / Per Gerardum Mercatorem. Sold
# E-449 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Lombardy Italy, with numerous cities and villages: Florence, Pisa, Parma to Mantua  & Ferrara in the north.  ROMANDIOLA cum Parmensi Ducatu Per Gerardum Mercatorem.  Very good, with bottom centerfold separation.  Click Here for a High Resolution Image.   Click Here for Image of the Verso. Sold
# E-455 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Rome & the surrounding region:  LATIUM nunc Campagna di Roma / Per Gerardum Mercatorem Sold
# E-447 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Lombardy (northeast) with Venice, Lake Garda, Tyrol, etc.:  TARVISINA MARCHIA ET TIROLIS COMITATUS. / Per Gerardum Mercatorem  Sold
# E-451 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Venice and Surrounding Region:  VERONAE VICENTIA ET PATAVII Ditiones Sold
# E-452 Gerard Mercator
(1589-95) 1613
Venice, Triest, and Surrounding Region:  Forum Ivlivm Karstia. la, Histria et Windorvm Marchia Per Gerardum Mercatorem Sold


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