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top things which you must keep in mind
when writing a term paper.

5 Things to Know while Composing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is one of the most common and important aspects of any higher level course. Though term papers occupy a major part of the annual grades, most students don’t know how to write a good one neither have they received any training about it. You might wonder why a term paper is assigned or what exactly its significance is.

In terms of personal development, a term paper allows a student to develop their knowledge and skills in a particular subject by making them research individually. The complexities of a subject are explored far better during the research work of a paper than through the usual lecture sessions. Term papers generally also help to brush up your analytical skills, something very important for success in your professional career.

Planning well in advance always helps.

Since the writing is based on research, you will not be able to proceed properly if you don’t have a sound plan. This also includes the topic choosing phase – if you work hard during the initial days, you will be much better off when writing the paper. How long should your essay be? Does your course or professor demand an in depth and full-fledged analysis or a brief note on something? Its best to discuss these aspects with your professor before beginning the actual work. Start your research with questions. Instead of researching from scratch on a topic, first write down all that you already know about it and then proceed to think about the questions that come to your mind and then only will you be able to do good research work. Need help with term paper or thesis!

What to do

Understand what your professor or teacher wants you to do. Read the topic carefully more than once and try to understand what exactly it is that is expected of you. Are you expected to analyze or define or simply write about a topic? Talk to your professor if you don’t get it and clear out all doubts.


Instead of reading everything first and then writing, begin writing soon. Yes, you definitely need to learn a lot about the topic but your research will go on forever if you don’t stop midway and first write what you have accumulated so far. Writing is not just summarising what you have read so far but also a part of the analysis procedure which then makes you question what you’ve been reading so far, thus improving the scope of your research. Unless you begin to write early on, your work is likely to be of a poor quality due to lack of time.


Quote sources properly. Plagiarism of any sort will ruin the possibility of impressing the professor altogether. Thus, be careful about what you write. Read arguments and then place them in your own words. If you wish to use the same words then attribute the quote properly and place it well. However, it is best to write in your own words as the idea of a term paper is to critically evaluate rather than to compile the thoughts of others.


When your paper is done, read it out loudly. This will help you identify any flaws or lacks in your writing along with helping you to identify any grammatical or format errors. You must also look for formatting errors or any punctuation mistakes. Though apparently simple, these mistakes also come together to create a bad and careless impression about a student, something not to be proud of.