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What Is The Major Difference Between Research Paper And A Thesis?

A thesis is a research paper that is lengthy and is usually supervised by a person who is a senior academician such as a professor, associate professor or even an assistant professor. The work is independently researched by the student. However, the work doesn’t have to be 100% original as the student will use different theories to analyze the text for the purpose of text analysis. The work many also be complemented with interviews from other subjects.


The two types of works have one common aspect in that they are all categorized as academic documents and will only differ in their style, purpose and the specific components.


One of the major differences between the two is that the thesis is usually written as a support to getting an academic qualification or degree. It is a bit longer as compared to the former and may need to be written in a few years. The thesis which is also referred to as dissertation is commonly done by the postgraduate studies such as the ones required for Masters, PhD or even M.Phil. This is usually carried out under the supervision of the academic or professor the university.

Role of supervisor

The role of the supervisor is to guide and oversea the progress in the writing of the work with the goal of enhancing or developing the writing & presentation skills of the students as well as their ability to carry out independent research. Most supervisors in the universities are supposed to meet the students regularly to discuss how the writing of the paper is progressing. The supervisor will read the draft and suggest areas that will require improvement and changes.

There are certain institutions where there has been a move towards the supervisory team that is made of supervisors as well as mentors, independent academics or co-supervisors who may or may not have knowledge in your area of research. In order to complete your thesis, it will be necessary for you to complete an oral examination. This will usually take place after submitting the paper and you will need to defend it before an examination board. You will also be required to answer questions on the topic. You will be given the final results after you have completed the oral examination.

A research paper on the other hard is written as a part of a certain subject and is not considered to be a different subject. In other words, the requirements of the thesis paper are usually higher as compared to those of the research paper.