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How Do I Come Up With A Title Page For My Biology Research Paper?

Biology research can take place in many locations, from the bottom of the deepest ocean in the Mariana’s trench, to to hot craters of active volcanoes, you may be surprised at where life can be found. For this reason, it may be quite a trip trying to select a topic for your biology paper, but it is well worth the effort.

When writing a research paper, it is necessary to include a separate page that will contain information concerning your project. This page is often nicely designed for visual effect, with authors spending hours working on it to get it just the way they want it to be. Consider the following, simple guideline to help you come up with a title page for you biology research paper:

  1. Choose your favorite format
  2. There are many formats that can be found and used to write your paper. Many great authors make use of popular format styles to help them compose excellent, top quality papers. Simply use a good search engine to help you find popular formats to help you structure your paper.

  3. Start with your title
  4. The title should come at the top of the paper, usually the first letter of each word is capitalized. Take your time to center the words for the best effect.

  5. Follow with a hypothesis
  6. Your title page is the first thing readers are likely to see, this is a good place to insert your hypothesis. Skip a line after your title, then state your hypothesis, center this line as well.

  7. State your name and other information
  8. The third bit of information needed on the title page is your personal information. Start with your name, then state your departments of study, followed by the school you are attending.

  9. State the purpose of your paper
  10. The purpose of your paper should follow your information, it can be about a paragraph long and should include information pertaining to the study. You can also include information about how the study was decided on, if doing this doesn’t make the paragraph too lengthy.

  11. Sate the name of your education board
  12. Finally, at the bottom of the page, you must include information about the education board you will be submitting the paper to. Include their full names, their department of expertise and any titles or positions they hold.