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Searching for a Great Academic Research Paper Template

Templates can be a great way to learn how to structure and organize an essay effectively. And, you can save the template to your hard drive and use it over and over again in your academic and writing career. When you search for any research paper template, you may want to pick the same kind of research paper you are writing, as some are structured differently than others. I will explain more in a moment. First, let’s discuss how to find templates and/or outlines for academic papers of all kinds.

What to Look for In Template Structure

Templates for research papers are often hard to find on their own, without specific keywords, because an argumentative essay is structured differently than a typical informative or expository essay. For example, argumentative essays often have

    a. A two-paragraph introduction which spends some time establishing the background of the problem in order to move to a vehement argument thesis.
  1. A thesis statement placed at the end of paragraph two
  2. An acknowledgement of the opposition’s argument against yours
  3. A refutation of that argument (typically both c and d are found somewhere near the end of your essay
  4. The closing

A regular essay template moves simply from introduction with thesis at the end of paragraph one, to body paragraphs reinforcing the thesis (especially in its topic sentences) and a closing.

Where to Find Templates for Argumentative, Informative, and General Research Papers

Great places to find templates for research papers are English and composition textbooks of all kinds. The search engine for Google books will reveal tons of older textbooks, available full text for you to peruse, and you can search these by keywords—so use the keyword search tool to search for the word “template.” What is great about using textbooks is that it doesn’t matter how old they are—templates and outlines for research papers never change. The research template we use today is the same as the one we used forty years ago. When searching, highlight and copy this keyword so that you can quickly search other textbooks for other templates as well, until you find the perfect one.

Google as well will help you locate templates for research papers for all kinds. But, as I said earlier, be careful to search for argumentative research paper templates because they differ in outline and structure from other essays and research papers.