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A Step-By-Step Manual On Writing A Research Paper Outline

Have you ever tried writing a research paper from start to finish on your own? If yes, you will be well aware about the role of an outline when writing the paper. There are several people that ask about the same thing when they are in the process of conceptualizing the paper. Writing the outline is considered one of the most important aspects of the research paper, albeit it does not influence or gets reflected at the end.

The purpose of an outline

Before learning about the various steps involved in crafting the outline of an academic paper, you should have a clear mind on the purpose of the outline. Here are a few steps that keep the tide in place. Make sure you get the gist of it all.

The steps

Here are the steps that you will require to create a good outline for the academic paper. You may always add your own steps wherever suitable.

  • Vet the topic: Once you receive a topic on which you will have to compose the paper, make sure you go through it very well and create a sense of understanding about what the topic demands of you.
  • Organize the basic points: Once you are clear on what the topic demands from the paper, you will automatically come out with a few basic points that are needed to understand the role of the topic. These basic points will make the founding pillars of the paper.
  • Set up a framework: Once you have a good foundation for the paper, you should be able to look for a proper framework for the paper as well. Make sure the critical points you listed above are arranged in order of increasing relevance in the part.
  • Break the chapters: Once the framework is reached, you should be thinking about the chapters. Now you need to be careful here as all points cannot be converted into chapters. You may however use a combination of these to make them into chapters.
  • Look through the sequence: The sequence is important as you will have to understand the means through which the paper progresses depend a lot on the sequence of events and relevance of figures. Play it well here.

Do not worry too much about organizing the outline. It will not make it to the paper anyway. Get the above points right and that will be the end of it.