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Creating A Properly Formatted Research Paper Proposal Cover Page

A cover page for a research paper proposal can be a little tricky to make. It may seem easy to make since it has little details on the page. Yet, it often depends on the formatting necessary for the page. Details such as spacing, tabs, headers, and where to place written information, can be confusing. Fortunately, there are a few things to remember that can make it easier to create your proposal cover page.

Find Sample Research Paper Proposal Cover Pages for Ideas

A sample proposal written by others studying in your field can be a great study tool. There are websites offering sample content for free and for a fee. You can have a sample written for you for a fee by a professional academic writer. There are databases online with papers written by others you can access free. Either way, as long as you use a reputable source you can get a good idea of what you need to complete and how to get it done.

Is Your Cover Page Required to Follow a Specific Formatting Style?

Academic students required to complete a cover pager for their research paper likely will follow APA formatting style. This formatting style has different requirements from MLA, but students tend to get elements of both confused. There are samples online to view to get an idea of what your cover page should look like. With APA you should set a 1-inch margin and use a 12-point font. You may also be required to have a running head in the header and use tab to indent spacing.

Understanding How to Organize Required Information

How should your cover page be organized? This will include developing a creative title and subtitle. There are word and character count details you may need to be mindful of. Spacing of content such as your name, date, and title should also be reviewed. For example, the title appears in the upper-left corner of the page if following APA formatting.

Proposal cover page Template?

Should you use a template for your cover page? There are research paper cover page templates online for those who want additional assistance in creating their own. Keep in mind some templates may follow different structure. When in doubt about how to develop your own cover pager review what you come up with to your instructor.