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Advice on How to Cite References in a Research Paper in MLA Style

When writing a research paper in the liberal arts or humanities, remember to format it in compliance with MLA (Modern Language Association) style. You should cite your sources consistently and correctly both in text and on the works cited page. This demand is particularly challenging since you may refer to strikingly diverse materials, including both print and online publications.

Getting Prepared to Deal with the References in Your Research Paper

  • Check if you have all the necessary information.
  • The information you’ll need is usually available on the title page of the publication. It includes the following data: the author’s name, title, date, publisher, publisher’s location, edition statement, page number, etc. If it’s the Internet source, you’ll be required to provide the URL address and the date of access.

  • Get an MLA handbook.
  • Borrow an MLA handbook in the school library. It may come in handy if you encounter any difficulties when citing unusual sources.

  • Get a sample.
  • The easiest way to cite your references properly is to refer to a good research paper in MLA style.

      Quick Tips on How to Cite the Sources in MLA Style

      • Alphabetize.
      • Write all the references on the Works Cited page of your research paper in an alphabetical order.

      • Present the authors’ names properly.
      • Provide the last name of the author first. Separate names with a comma.

      • Capitalize.
      • The first word and all principal words in the entry should be capitalized.

      • Present dates properly.
      • Use DD MM YYYY format when writing the date of the publication.

      • Italicize.
      • Put the titles of books, journals, databases, websites, etc. in italics.

      • Cite multiple authors properly.
      • If there are two or more authors, provide them in the same order as they appear on the title page.

      • Present corporate authors.
      • If the publication is prepared by the governmental organization or any other corporate body, provide the name of the corporate author.

      • State a medium of publication.
      • If you used both print and online sources during the research, it may be necessary to name the media of your publications (“print” or “Web”) at the end of your entries.

      • Start with a title if necessary.
      • If no author is mentioned, use the title to start your entry.

      These are general guidelines on how to cite references the MLA research paper. To get more specific explanations and examples, refer to all available resources from the library and the Internet.