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How To Write An A+ US History Research Paper

When a research paper on US History needs to be done as a homework assignment or as part of the submission at the end of the term, there are certain steps to be followed. When the student follows the steps, regardless of the freelance essay topic given, the results will surely fetch the student an A.

  • The first step is to understand the literature review. The student as part of his or her homework needs to research on the secondary source materials. These materials need to be relevant to the project and are called as a literature review. When conducting this literature review, the secondary sources need to be located which not only give background information but also it should have scholarly conversations. This will help to position the argument.
  • The second step is putting together all the sources needed – books, journal articles and more. These can be book recommendations from advisors, talking to friends, identifying it as per the syllabus or more. The student can also make use of material which is on databases like JSTOR as well as American History. The student can also search virtual reference libraries, online reference books, and online databases.
  • The next step is to find primary source materials. This can be done by checking bibliographies which are at the back of books or footnotes which other authors have used. The student can also use the Proquest
  • Congressional. This has source material for all topics of US History. These also have various links to primary source material as well.
  • The archive finder helps in locating manuscript collections and can be used as a search repository. These can be used to search for those archives which refer to specific geographic locations.
  • Other source materials can be found at Microform reading rooms and in microfilm collections.
  • After this, a list needs to be made as to the flow of the essay. The points need to flow smoothly with one idea being linked to the other and the terms being explained as the dissertation flows. Once the thesis has been written and completed, the thesis needs to be reviewed by someone who can be a friend, a freelancer or anyone who will provide positive criticism of the dissertation. That way, the writer can be assured that their dissertation meets the objective and is written in the style and format which it needs to.

Once all these points are taken care of, the essay written will be considered top class.