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5 Inspiring Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a platform that allows developing and hosting different web applications. If you’re required to compose a research paper related to Google App Engine, your first task is to choose a good topic for your study. If you cannot come up with a decent topic, you may get some inspiration by reading about previous studies related to this platform.

Examples for Creating a Research Paper on Google App Engine

  1. Seismic event detection.
  2. On the basis of Google App Engine, was created a sense and response platform. This platform allows measuring seismic events with finer spatial resolution. This is a good alternative to traditional seismic networks that are expensive to deploy and maintain.

  3. Simulation forecaster.
  4. This study was aimed to create a tool that can estimate the performance and cost of software that operates on App Engine. This simulation forecaster allows producing a valuable operational benchmark.

  5. Personalized DNA analysis.
  6. On the basis of App Engine, was created a service that can provide the analysis of DNA specific to a particular individual. This service allows a person to identify aspects of their DNA that make them unique and special.

  7. Computer vision.
  8. This study was aimed to create a Google App Engine-based application building and sharing system that would allow developing tools for delivering computer vision to the mass consumer.

  9. Dynamics of a city.
  10. The aim of this study was to create an application that would analyze trends in the ways that people move through urban areas. Researchers wanted to find algorithmic ways of revealing collective knowledge about a particular city using social networks.

Working on Your Research Paper

Once you’ve selected an interesting topic for your own project, you should start conducting your study. First, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with theoretical information about Google App Engine, so you should acquire the needed literature. Then, you’ll need to develop your own application and test its effectiveness and value.

After you’ve finished your study, you should outline your paper and start the writing process. Make sure to describe every step of your study thoroughly so that the reader can replicate what you’ve done if needed.

It’s also important to proofread and edit your text. It’s very likely that you’ll make some mistakes in the writing process, so you’ll need to eliminate them before submitting your document. Don’t forget to format your paper properly. Look into your assignment guidelines and apply format requirements of the indicated style.