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A Collection Of The Most Popular Research Paper Topics On The US History

US history is an inexhaustible source of topics for research papers. However, there is no point in choosing a topic on which you will not be able to find enough information or one of no particular importance. It’s advised to pick a topic that is really interesting for you. Thus you will be able to impress your teachers with the quality of your writing rather than the eccentricity of your topic.

A List of Topics for a Research Paper on the US History

  • The D-Day invasion.
  • Talk about the reasons that contributed to its success.
  • The Korean War and America’s involvement in it.
  • Was the decision to support the South in its fight against the North a right one?
  • The U-2 incident.
  • Analyze the consequences of the incident for the U.S.-Soviet relations.

  • The Vietnam War and why America lost.
  • The Iraq war and its consequences.
  • Was America’s decision to invade Iraq a right one in terms of promoting peace and democracy?

  • Key people in American history.
  • Discuss the role of a person in US history. Are the roles played by some individuals exaggerated?

  • Pearl Harbor.
  • Could the US have predicted it? Would America have got involved in World War II had this attack from the Japanese not taken place?

  • Truman’s containment policy.
  • Talk about this policy of the US government aimed at limiting the influence of the Soviet Union on the world stage.

  • The Great Depression.
  • Figure out what were its causes and repercussions.

  • US involvement in the World War I.
  • Slavery.
  • Analyze its effects on the economy of the South and the lives of African American families.

  • American Civil War.
  • What were the key issues that led to the conflict?

  • 9/11 attacks.
  • How did they impact American foreign and security policies?

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Evaluate the consequences of J.F. Kennedy’s actions.

  • J.F. Kennedy’s assassination.
  • Who was behind it?

  • Native Americans: How did Europeans change their life foundations?
  • American Revolution
  • What did America win?

These are only some of the most popular topics on the US history.

Whatever topic you choose, don’t forget that a research paper is not a report where you just state facts. Instead, it’s a work that should prove a specific thesis. The topics mentioned above are not thesis statements. You should formulate your thesis based on the main idea of your study.