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Crafting A Comprehensive Academic Research Paper Literature Review

One of the important chapters of any research paper is a literature review. It should inform the reader about different sources that the author consulted during their study. Composing a good literature review isn’t easy, so if you haven’t done it before, it’ll be useful for you to learn a few tips on how to succeed in this task.

Writing a Research Paper Literature Review Introduction

  1. Define the general topic of your study providing the context for reviewing the literature.
  2. List overall directions that scholars choose writing about this topic and indicate the gap in the knowledge.
  3. Explain why it’s important to review the literature, explain what criteria you’ll use to analyze and compare different pieces of literature, indicate the organization of the review, and state why particular pieces of literature are or aren’t included in the review.

Writing a Research Paper Literature Review Body

  1. Divide the literature into different groups such as theoretical articles, reviews, case studies, and so on.
  2. Describe each piece of literature depending on its significance for the study. Write a lot about the most important sources and write a little about the least important ones.
  3. Start each description with a clear topic sentence and indicate the significance of a source for the study at the end of a paragraph.

Writing a Research Paper Literature Review Conclusion

  1. Summarize contributions of significant pieces of literature to your study.
  2. Evaluate the current state of the literature based on your review.
  3. Provide information about the relationship between the narrow topic of your literature review and the general field that you’re working in.

Hiring a Research Paper Writing Service to Compose Your Literature Review

If it’s difficult for you to deal with your literature review, you may conduct a contract with a research paper writing service that will craft it for you in exchange for payment. It has a good reputation among its customers and its prices aren’t expensive. In short, you should compose your literature review as any other chapter of your paper. Make sure that it has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Elaborate on sources that have greatly influenced your research and write briefly about the less important ones. If you have problems or difficulties during the writing process, there is no shame in asking a third party to help you. Using all options that you can, you’ll be able to compose an outstanding paper.